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SG Standards  

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Group 1. Products for babies and infants
Stroller [J] [E]
Infant walker [J]
Swing [J] [E]
Playground Slide
[J] [E]
Horizontal Bar for Infant [J] [E]
Tricycle for Infant
[J] [E]
Foot Operated Toy Car [J]
Crib [J]

Soft Carrier for Infant / Children [J] [E]
Infant High Chair
Telescoping Pole for Paper Carp [J]
Infant Carrier [J]

Protective gate for Infant [J]
Swing for One Person [J]
Infant Chair
Playpen [J] [E]
Table Attaching Type Infant Chair [J]
Rack for Infant and Children [J] [E]
Bed Guards for Children [J]
Baby Bouncers
[J] [E]

Group 2. Goods for the aged
Stick for aged [J] [E]
Portable Toilet Seats for aged [J]
Walking trolleys for aged [J] [E]
Manual Wheelchairs
Rollators for Disabled  Persons [J] [E]
Electrically Operated Beds in home use [J]
Portable Toilet for aged
Bath / Shower Chair for aged [J] [E]
Chairs and Seats with an Electrical Mechanism to Assist Standing up and Sitting down [J]

Group 3. Furniture and Household utensils
Spring Mattress for Household Use [J]
Shopping Cart
Metal Stepladder for Household Use [J]
Bunk bed
Plastic Cover for Bathtub [J]
Hot Water Bottle for Warming Purposes [J]
Metal Ladders for Household Use [J]
Toilet Paper Holder
Mailbox [J]
Kitchen Cabinet [J]
Adhesive Hook [J]
Children’s Chest
Legless Chair (for tatami rooms) [J]
Outdoor Dryer
Storage Cabinet for Kitchen [J]
Tension Shelf and Rod [J]
Rotary Hanger
Motor Operated Whirlpool Bathtub Appliance [J]
Ironing Board for Home-use [J]

Group 4. Kitchen utensils
Household Pressure Pot and Pressure Cooking Pot [J] [E]
Can Opener
Cooking Oil Filter [J]
Ice Crusher
Metal Pot [J]
Saucepan Made of Aluminum Plate [J]
Cookware for IH heater
Thermal Bottle [J]

Group 5. Equipment for Sport and Leisure
Baseball and softball Helmet [J]
Swimming Mask [J]
Beach Umbrella [J]
Non Wood Bat
Shoes Type Riding Gear with Wheels [J] [E]
Rope for Mountain Climbing
Net for Golf Practicing [J]
Climber’s Helmet
Badminton Racket [J]
Portable Soccer Goal for School Gymnastics [J]
Portable Handball Goal for School Gymnastics [J]
Vaulting Box for Physical Training
Spring Board of Vaulting Box for Physical Training [J]
Mat for Physical Training [J]

Volleyball Equipment [J]
Catcher Helmet for Baseball and Softball [J]
Movable Basketball Equipment [J]

Golf Club Shaft [J]
Golf Club [J]
Camping Tent
[J] [E]
Board Type Riding Gear with Wheels [J] [E]
Shock Absorbing Pad for Sports [J]
Protective Headgear for Baseball Pitcher [J]
Shinai for Kendo [J]

Kendo Equipments and gear [J]
Protective Helmet for Winter-Sports [J] [E]
Protective Headgear for Winter-Sports [J] [E]
[J] [E]
Heart Protector for Baseball and Softball [J]
Table tennis tables
Walking-Sports-Poles [J] [E]
Catcher's Mask [J]
Movable Futsal Goal [J]
Teeball bat [J]
Event Tent [J]

Group 6. Fitness Equipment for Home-use
Chest Exerciser
Gymnastic Chinning Apparatus [J]
Skipping Rope [J] [E]
Stationary Exercise Cycle Trainers for Home-use [J]
Treadmills for Home-use [J]

Strength Training Equipments for Home-use [J]
Steppers [J]

Group 7. Equipment for Bicycle and Automobile
Motorcycle Helmet [J] [E]

Windshield Washer Liquid [J]
Portable Car Jack [J]

Bicycles [J]
Helmet for Users of Bicycles, Electromotive Wheelchairs etc. and Running Play Gears [J]
Child Carriers for Bicycles
Air Pumps [J]
Hydraulic garage jacks for automobiles [J]

Group 8. Others
Cotton Applicator [J]
Children's Umbrella [J]
Supermarket Trolley [J]
Pole Pruner [J]

Hand Sprayers [J]
Portable Laser Applied Appliances [J]

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