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  Message from the Management
Message from the Management
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Message from the Management  

Our daily life has become increasingly affluent and convenient along with a marked tendency toward rapid diversification of lifestyles. In order to realize a truly comfortable life, it is crucially important to ensure safety of products and encourage appropriate usage of products by consumers.
Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSA) was established in 1973 in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Act. It was reorganized to a juridical foundation for the public purpose in 2000, then to a general foundation in 2012.
CPSA stipulates SG (Safe Goods) standards for consumer products that can inflict injury on people or threaten their lives in terms of structure, constituent materials or mode of usage, and permits products which meet the standards to bear the SG Mark. It also indemnifies injured victims caused by failure of SG-marked products.
CPSA provides consumers with safety-related information, including the knowledge of product and educational campaigns for the prevention of accidents, in cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and other interested parties.
In addition, CPSA offers consulting and mediation for consumers concerning complaints and accidents of consumer products.
As comsumer products have been sophisticated and complicated, the request for ensuring more appropriate safety of these products has been growing larger these days.
CPSA will make continued efforts to maintain and improve the level of the safety for a wide range of consumer products.

                                          Masatoshi Inami, President

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